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Monday, March 24, 2014

Adventures at GDC 2014 (and Vienna)! Part II

Marcos, Kevin... and Aniol presents:
Adventures at GDC 2014 (and Vienna)! 
Part II

After a wonderful starting of the trip (see Part I), the last couple of days at GDC still held much excitement left for Marcos and Kevin.

On Thursday, Randy Pitchford and Brian Martel, CEO/President and Chief Creative Officer at Gearbox Software Official respectively, approached our stand and played Nihilumbra for Wii U. They seem to be enjoying it!

In this video (by the kind people from Nintendo World Report), you can check out some gameplay footage recorded at the event, special attention to the last minutes where you can see how the Wii U GamePad works with the game.

After the exhibit our guys relaxed playing some Towerfall: Ascension along with some other devs, some of them came from Harmonix and Irrational Games.

And before going to bed, Kevin found a copy of E.T. that epic game for the Atari 2600!

Friday starts! and it jumps in with Kevin posing with his AAA tough guy face.

But he couldn't resist to his true passion! Indie games! Then Chroma Squad was a MUST play!

Watch out the awesomeness!

And, on Marcos side he was meeting John Romero, video game legend who, among other really cool things, co-created Doom!

And this selfie is the last graphic material we got from them, a selfie that proves how awesome GDC 2014 was! hope to come back next year to the wondrous land of San Francisco!

NOTE: We recommend you to check out this list compiled by the great Javier Arévalo if you are curious to know about some really interesting materials shared by some of the lecturers during the event.

And meanwhile, in Vienna...

Aniol Alcaraz, our CEO and programmer, travelled to participate at the Magic: The Gathering Vienna Grand Prix along with other 1208 registered players. After a really disputed final match, Aniol bested the French player Jérémy Dezani. That places him as the fourth spaniard with Spanish championship title and a Grand Prix. All of us at BeautiFun Games want to congrat Aniol for the great victory!

You can watch the Finals match here.

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