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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Adventures at GDC 2014! Part I

Marcos and Kevin presents:
Adventures at GDC 2014! 
Part I

We decided it would be a good idea to inform you about the details we got from our two explorers in San Francisco. They arrived on Monday evening really tired after a really long flight! 

We know plane food is not always enough, and even less for a (indie) game developer. But their breakfast was solid, no worries.

"Breakfast in America"
They visited Chinatown, and found Link's sword and shield!

Afterwards, their meal was also solid, they got full of energy!


"Cocacola with ice cream!"
After the meal, they went to the Moscone Center to visit our stand, as you can see, everything was under preparation:

Here you can see the games sharing Nintendo's booth with us:


Suey is concentrated, testing our game for the first time at the event:

They talked to other devs at Nintendo's both and set up our space for the show on Wednesday, everything worked perfectly fine!

In the afternoon, our guys visited St Regis Hotel lobby for a meet up with the folks from and show them Nihilumbra in person. They also wanted to know more about Megamagic!

Yesterday they attended GDC and IGF Awards Ceremony. As you can see it was really crowded!

They couldn't resist to try out Project Morpheus!

Kevin is really enjoying the experience. For his words that thing seems quite inmersive, and also had sharks!

"Want to see me smile? Just put some VR glasses in my head. Actually I was playing a diving simulator and shooting a shark with a flare gun. How could I not smile?"
Here you can find more funny stuff they sent to us!


"Elevator Action" - Kevin

"Dude chainsawing a chain with audience" - Kevin

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